The Rise of Great Fire by Wardak

The Rise of Great Fire
Wheel of Samsara
No Prospects
Bridges of Time

Wardak is a music studio project from Moscow, Russia. History of the band started in 2011. The founder of the group, Mikhail Ruban, tried to create a music group when he lived in Vladivostok. However, the search for like-minded people was difficult. After two years, the search was paused.

In 2016 Mikhail moved to Moscow, resumed the search and the results didn't take long. First, Oleg Bichevoy joined the project as a guitarist. He worked at guitar records. After, Mikhail met Andrey Alogrin, who worked with songs lyrics. Finally, Efim Kotlinov, the vocalist, joined the group.

First album "The Rise of Great Fire" was released on 05/05/2019. At the moment, musicians are working on new recordings. Follow us on social networks...


You quickly get used to the stencil. Know your place and live by lies...